Bold Penguin Terminal Documentation

The Bold Penguin Enterprise Terminal is Bold Penguin's software solution that integrates with the existing systems national brokers already have in place. It allows your brokerage to triage, quote and bind commercial insurance from a range of selected carriers, faster and more efficiently than ever before. The Enterprise Terminal powers consumer facing storefronts and producer-facing screens all through an API-first approach that any tech organization can utilize.

The Partner Portal is the private facing terminal interface for agents to submit applications and retrieve quotes on the consumer's behalf.

The Consumer Portal is the public facing storefront for consumers to directly create and submit applications to the terminal.

Application forms are the core data model for all of Bold Penguin's terminal offerings. An application form is made up of one or more question sets and their answers that provide carriers with the data they need to evaluate risk and provide a quote back to the brokerage.

The Quote Start API is the starting point of programmatic interactions with the Terminal. This API allows you to create and retrieve application forms within your terminal.

Webhooks allow existing systems to register listeners and act on events that occur within your terminal.

You can also provide deep links to the latest version of an application form from within your existing system of record.


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